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Graubünden or Grisons (German: Graubünden, [ɡʁaʊˈbʏndən] ( listen); Italian: Grigioni [ɡriˈdʒoːni]; Romansh: Grischun [ɡʁiˈʒun] ( listen); see also ither names) is the lairgest an eastrenmaist canton o Swisserland. The canton shares internaitional borders wi Italy (Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol an Lombardy), Austrick (Vorarlberg) an Liechtenstein. The name Graubünden translates as the "Grey Leagues," referrin tae the canton's oreegin in three local alliances, the League o God's Hoose, the Grey League, an the League o Ten Jurisdictions. Graubünden is an aa hame tae three o Switzerland's ethnic groups an the subsequent languages o Swiss German, Italian an Romansh are aw native tae the province. It is an aa the ae canton whaur the ancient Romansh dialects are still spoken.


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