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Gray wouf
Varg fotograferad pa Polar Zoo Norge (6).jpg
Eurasian wouf (Canis lupus lupus), Polar Zoo, Norawa.
Scienteefic clessification
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Faimily: Canidae
Subfaimily: Caninae
Tribe: Canini
Genus: Canis
Species: C. lupus
Binomial name
Canis lupus
Linnaeus, 1758 [2]

39 ssp., see Subspecies o Canis lupus

Gray Wolf Distribution.gif
Range map. Green, present; reid, umwhile.

A wouf (Canis lupus) is sib tae a dug. The species wis the warld's maist widely distribute mammal but haes become extinct in hintle o Wastren Europe, in Mexico an hintle o the Unitit States. Wouves occur primarily but no exclusively in wilderness an remote auries. Thair oreeginal warldwide range haes been reducit bi aboot ane-third bi deliberate persecution due tae depredation on livestock an fear o attacks on humans. Tho the species still faces some threats, it is relatively widespread wi a stable population trend an haes been assessed as Least Concern bi IUCN syne 2004 acause o that.

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