IUCN Reid Leet

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(Reguidit frae IUCN Red List)
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The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
HeidquartersUnitit Kinrick
Region served
Offeecial leid
Parent organisation
Internaitional Union for Conservation o Naitur
AffiliationsSpecies Survival Commission, Birdlife Internaitional, Conservation Internaitional, NatureServe, Botanic Gairdens Conservation Internaitional, Ryal Botanic Gardens, Texas A&M Varsity, Sapienza Varsity o Rome, Zoological Society o Lunnon, Wildscreen

The IUCN Reid Leet o Threatened Species (an aa kent as the IUCN Reid Leet or Reid Data Leet), foondit in 1964, is the warld's maist comprehensive inventory o the global conservation status o biological species. The Internaitional Union for the Conservation o Naitur (IUCN) is the warld's main authority on the conservation status o species. A series o Regional Reid Leets are produced bi kintras or organisations, which assess the risk o extinction tae species within a poleetical management unit.