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Battle o Sauchieburn

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Battle o Sauchieburn
Pairt o seicont rebellion against James III
Date11 Juin 1488
Locationsooth o Stirling
56°04′N 3°55′W / 56.067°N 3.917°W / 56.067; -3.917Coordinates: 56°04′N 3°55′W / 56.067°N 3.917°W / 56.067; -3.917
Result Decisive rebel veectory
Ryalists Rebels
Commanders an leaders
James III o Scotland  
David Lindsay, 1st Duke o Montrose
Malise Graham, 1st Yerl o Menteith
Alexander Cunningham, 1st Yerl o Glencairn
Hector Roy Mackenzie
James, Duke o Rothsay
Alexander Home, 1st Laird Home
Archibald Douglas, 5t Yerl o Angus
Hugh Montgomerie, 2nt Laird Montgomerie
30,000 18,000
Casualties an losses
Unkent, but heicher nor the rebels Law

The Battle o Sauchieburn wis focht on 11 Juin 1488, at the side o Sauchie Burn, a stream aboot twa mile sooth o Stirling, Scotland. The battle wis focht atween the follaers o King James III o Scotland an a lairge group o rebellious Scots nobles includin Alexander Home, 1st Laird Home, nominally led bi the king's 15-year-auld son, Prince James, Duke o Rothsay.