James III o Scotland

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James III
James III of Scotland.jpg
Keeng o Scots
Ring 3 August 1460 – 11 Juin 1488
Coronation 10 August 1460[1]
Predecessor James II
Successor James IV
Born 10 Julie 1451 or Mey 1452
Stirlin or St Andraes Castles
Dee'd (1488-06-11)11 Juin 1488 (aged 36)
Sauchie Burn, Scotland
Buirial Cambuskenneth Aibey, Stirlin
Spouse Margaret o Denmark
Issue James IV o Scotland
James, Duke o Ross
John, Yerl o Mar
Hoose Stewart
Faither James II o Scotland
Mither Mary o Guelders
Releegion Roman Catholic

James III (10 Julie 1451/Mey 1452 – 11 Juin 1488) wis Keeng o Scots frae 1460 tae 1488. James wis an unpopular an ineffective monarch awin tae an unwillinness tae admeenister juistice fairly, a policy o pursuin alliance wi the Kinrick o Ingland, an a disastrous relationship wi nearly aw his extendit faimily. Houiver, it wis throu his mairiage tae Margaret o Denmark that the Orkney an Shetland islands becam Scots.

His reputation as the first Renaissance monarch in Scotland haes whiles been exaggerated, based on attacks on him in later chronicles for bein mair interested in sic unmanly pursuits as muisic nor huntin, ridin an leadin his kinrick intae war. In fact, the airteestic legacy o his ring is slicht, especially whan compared tae that o his successors, James IV an James V. Sic evidence as thare is consists o portrait cunyies produced in his ring that display the keeng in three-quarter profile weirin an imperial croun, the Trinity Altarpiece bi Hugo van der Goes, that wis probably nae commissioned bi the keeng, an an unuisual hexagonal chaipel at Lestalrig near Edinburgh, perhaps inspired bi the Kirk o the Haly Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

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