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Lady Jane Grey

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Lady Jane Grey
The Streatham portrait, discovered at the beginnin o the 21st century an believed tae be a copy o a contemporary portrait o Lady Jane Grey.[1]
Queen o Ingland an Ireland (disputit) (mair...)
Ring10 Julie 1553 – 19 Julie 1553[2]
PredecessorEdward VI
SuccessorMary I
Dee'd12 Februar 1554 (aged 16–17)
Touer o Lunnon, Lunnon
BuirialSt Peter ad Vincula, Lunnon
SpouseLord Guildford Dudley
FaitherHenry Grey, 1st Duke o Suffolk
MitherLady Frances Brandon
SeegnaturLady Jane Grey's signature

Lady Jane Grey (1536/1537 – (1554-02-12)12 Februar 1554), forby kent as Lady Jane Dudley[3] or The Nine Days' Queen,[4] wis an Inglis noblewoman an de facto monarch o Ingland frae 10 Julie till 19 Julie 1553. She wis a womin who dee'd at 17 yeirs o age, afta a failit coup by the Earal of Nothumbalan an harself, knowan as the 'devyse'. Undere the rean of Quene Mary, she wis executit the followin yier.


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