Edward VI o Ingland

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Edward VI
Formal portrait in the Elizabethan style o Edward in his early teens. He haes a lang pyntit face wi fine features, dark ees an a smaa full mooth.
Edward VI, bi William Scrots, c. 1550
Keeng o Ingland an Ireland (mair ...)
Ring 28 Januar 1547 – 6 Julie 1553
Coronation 20 Februar 1547
Predecessor Henry VIII
Successor Jane (disputit) or Mary I
Born 12 October 1537(1537-10-12)
Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex, Ingland
Dee'd 6 Julie 1553 (aged 15)
Greenwich Palace, Kent, Ingland
Buirial 8 August 1553
Henry VII Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey, Ingland
Hoose Hoose o Tudor
Faither Henry VIII o Ingland
Mither Jane Seymour
Seegnatur Edward VI's signature

Edward VI (12 October 1537 – 6 Julie 1553) wis Keeng o Ingland an Ireland frae 28 Januar 1547 till his daith. He wis crouned on 20 Februar at the age o nine.[1]

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  1. Henry VIII haed replaced the style "Lord o Ireland" wi "Keeng o Ireland" in 1541; Edward an aa maintained the Inglish claim tae the French throne but did nae rule Fraunce. See Scarisbrick 1971, pp. 548–49, an Lydon 1998, p. 119.