Kenneth MacAlpin

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Kenneth MacAlpin or Cináed mac Ailpín (Modren Gaelic: Coinneach mac Ailpein)[1], an is kent in maist modren regnal lists as Kenneth I (dee'd 13 Februar 858) wis king o the Pechts an, gaun bi naitional meeth, first king o Scots, earnin him the eikname o An Ferbasach, "The Subdewer" lang syne.[2]. He sicceded Drest the Ninth i' Pechtland an wis the first king i' Pechtland an Scotland.[3] He ws sicceded bie' Donald I, king o Scots.


Some fowk consider him tae be thi first king o Caledonia but the first king ti rule aw o' Scotland wis in the 900's.His reign might i' staerted in 843[4] but is disputed syne he wis King o Pechtland an Scotland. Sae some fowk state his reign staerted in 848.

Kenneth wis' weel keent fir' uniting mony Pechtish tribes tae form Unitit Pechtland an Caledonia.

Preiceded bi: Drest X (King o Pictland)

Sucedded bi: Donald I (King o Scotland & Pictland)[4]

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  1. Cináed mac Ailpín is the Mediaeval Gaelic form. A mair richt renderin in modren Gaelic wad be Cionaodh mac Ailpein, sin Coinneach is historically anither name. Houaniver, in the modren langage, baith names hae gane thegither.
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