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Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin
King o Alba
Ring15 August 1057 – 17 March 1058
Coronation8 September 1057, Scuin
SuccessorMalcolm III
Bornbefore 1033
Moray, Scotland
Dee'd(1058-03-17)17 Mairch 1058
Essie, in Strathbogie
IssueMáel Snechtai o Moray
FaitherGille Coemgáin o Moray
MitherGruoch o Scotland

Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin (Modren Gaelic: Lughlagh mac Gille Chomghain,[1] kent in Scots semply as Lulach, an nicknamed Tairbith, "the Unfortunate"[2] an Fatuus, "the Semple-myndit" or "the Fuilish";[3] afore 1033 – 17 Mairch 1058) was King o Scots atween 15 August 1057 an 17 Mairch 1058.

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