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Union o the Crouns

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James VI o Scotland.
«Union o the Crouns», Peter Paul Rubens .

The Union o the Crouns refers tae the comin o James VI, Keeng o Scots, tae the throne o the Ingland in Mairch 1603, an sicwice unitin Scotland an Ingland unner the ae monarch. This follaed the daith o his free an bairnless cuisin, Queen Elizabeth I o Ingland, the pokeshakkins o the ryal Hoose o Tudor.

The term itsel, tho nou for ordinar acceptit, is misleadin; richtly this wis juist a personal or deenastic union, the Crouns steyin baith spleet an sindry, mauger o James's ettles tae mak a new "imperial" throne o 'Great Breetain'. Ingland an Scotland conteenad tae be unthirlt states, mauger o sharin the same Monarch, till the Acts o Union in 1707 durin the ring o the hindermaist monarch o the ryal Hoose o Stuart, Queen Anne.