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James VI, King o Scots

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(Reguidit frae James VI o Scotland)
James VI an I
Portrait bi Daniel Mytens, 1621
Keeng o Scots (mair...)
Ring24 Julie 1567 – 27 Mairch 1625
Coronation29 July 1567
PredecessorMary, Queen o Scots
SuccessorCharles I
Keeng o Ingland an Ireland (mair...)
Ring24 Mairch 1603 – 27 Mairch 1625
Coronation25 Julie 1603
PredecessorElizabeth I
SuccessorCharles I
Born19 Juin 1566(1566-06-19)
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Dee'd27 Mairch 1625(1625-03-27) (aged 58)
(N.S.: 6 Aprile 1625)
Theobalds Hoose, Ingland
Buirial7 May 1625
Westminster Abbey
SpouseAnne o Denmark
Henry Frederick, Prince o Wales
Elizabeth Stuart, Queen o Bohemie
Charles I o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland
HooseHoose o Stuart
FaitherHenry Stuart, Lord Darnley
MitherMary, Queen o Scots
ReleegionKirk o Scotland; Kirk o Ingland
SeegnaturJames VI an I's signature

Jamie VI an I (19 Juin 1566 – 27 Mairch 1625) wis King o Scots as James VI, an King o Ingland an Ireland as James I forby. He ringit in Scotland as Jamie the Saxt frae 24 Julie 1567, whan he wis anerly ae year auld, takkin ower frae his mither Mary, Queen o Scots.

On 24 Mairch 1603, as James I, he succeedit the pokeshakkins o the Tudor faimly o Ingland an Ireland, Elizabeth I, that dee'd athoot ony bairns.

Efter the personal union o the three crouns, James wis the first tae style hissel "Keeng o Great Breetain", but the teetle wis rejectit bi the Inglish Pairlament an haedna ony foond in law. The Pairlament o Scotland cawed agin it an aw.