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Anachronistic 18t century depiction o Indulf, likely bearin nae resemblance tae the actual king
King o Alba
PredecessorMalcolm I
Bornc. 910
Cullen? or Monastery o St Aundras
IssueCuilén, King of Alba
Amlaíb, King of Alba
FaitherConstantine II, King o Alba

Ildulb mac Causantín, anglicised as Indulf,[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh, "the Aggressor"[2] (born c. 910 - died 962) wis king o Scots frae 954. He wis the son o Constantine II (Causantín mac Áeda); his mither mey hae been a dauchter o Yerl Eadulf I o Bernicie, wha wis an exile in Scotland.[3]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. "Ildulb" is an Auld Erse name derived frae either the Auld Norse name Hildulfr or the Auld Inglis name Eadwulf. It occurs in various contemporary Gaelic forms, such as Iondolbh, foond in the Duan Albanach. "Ildulb" wis later rendered "Indulf" unner Auld French influence. Ildulb is uised acause bi some historians acause it correctly represents the name Hildulfr in Gaelic orthografie; Eadwulf woud perhaps be Idulb, hence that form is an aa uised sometimes. The name nivir came into wider uise in the Scots warld, or the Gaelic warld mair generally, an haes na modren form. Walker, p. 97.
  2. Skene, Chronicles, p. 94.
  3. It is kent a sister o Indulf mairied Olaf III Guthfrithson (Amlaíb mac Gofraidh) o the Uí Ímair an ane o Indulf's sons wis named Amlaíb. Walker suggests that Indulf's mither mey hae been a dauchter o Earl Eadwulf, wha wis an exile in Alba. Eadwulf is rendered Ettulb in the Annals o Ulster, s.a. 913, whaur his daith is reportit. Walker, p. 97