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Gaelic name About this sound Ìle 
Norse name Íl[1]
Meanin o name Unkent
Islay is locatit in Argyll an Bute
Islay shown within Argyll an Bute
OS grid reference NR370598
Physical geography
Island group Islay
Aurie 61,956 hectares (239 sq mi)[2]
Aurie rank 5 [4]
Heichest elevation Beinn Bheigeir 491 metres (1,611 ft)[3]
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Kintra Scotland
Cooncil aurie Argyll an Bute
Population 3,228[5]
Population rank 7[5][4]
Population density 5.2 fowk/km2[2][5]
Lairgest settlement Port Ellen[6]

Islay (Scots Gaelic: Ìle, pronounced [ˈiːlə]) is the soothrenmaist island o the Inner Hebrides o Scotland.

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Coordinates: 55°46′N 6°9′W / 55.767°N 6.150°W / 55.767; -6.150