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Jesus Christ

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Jesus bi Ivan Kramskoi

Jesus or Jesus Christ wis a Jewish prophet that lived in the 1st century in Roman Palestine. In Christianity, he is the anly son o God an Mary is his mither. Jesus is kent as prophet in Islam an aw. In Christianity, Jesus Christ sacrifeed hissel for humanity an his follaeers fur that they can be forgien for their sins.

(Aw Biblical quotes in this airticle haes been taen frae W.L Lorimer's translate)

His Life an Darg

Bairnheid an Early Life

Gaun by the Gospels, Jesus wis born in the clachan o Bethlehem, sax mile frae Jesusalem. Tho his faimily wis frae Nazareth, his faither haed come frae Bethlehem oreeginally an haed tae gang there for tae be registrate durin a census, an while there Jesus wis born. Maist modren historians jalouses that he was born atween 6 an 4 BC. Christians jalouses that he wis born (or "begatten") o the Haly Speerit an his mither Mary, wha they threap wis a maiden at the time. E'en sae, he haed a yirdly faither, cried Joseph. Joseph semss tae hae been a skeely craftsman o some kynd, aften hauden tae hae been a jyner, an it is for ordinar said that Jesus wis a jyner an aw whan he grew up. Like aw Jewish lads, he wad hae been circumcised at aicht day auld an brocht up wi kennin o the Torah (Jewish Law) an Jewish customs.

Gey little is kent anent his bairnheid, tho in his Gospel Matthew scrieves that efter his birth his faimily flee'd for some time tae Egypt for tae evyte King Herod, wha haed ordered that aw bairns in Bethlehem be kilt, syne the wyce men frae the East tauld him they jaloused the King o the Jews haed been born. This pit Herod in a richt fankle an, syne he kent fine weel he wisna popular ava wi the fowk, he thocht this new born bairn micht kythe as a leader o opposeetion tae him. Joseph wis wairned anent this in a dream, an teuk the gate tae Egypt till Herod wis deid.

The ae story o Jesus' bairnheid kythes in The Gospel o Luke tellin that the faimily war in Jerusalem for the Passower festival (ane o the maist important Jewish festivals). The story gaes that Jesus cam tae be skailed frae his fowks, an whan they realised this, they gaed tae the Temple for tae find him. There he wis settin toung tae issues anent the Torah wi Doctors o the Law that wwis amazed at his kennin (syne tradeetion hauds that he wis anerly aboot twal year auld, tho this nummer disna kythe in the accoont Luke gies). Some scholars haes threapit that Jesus wisna a bairn at the time, an the Doctors o the Law wis in fact amazed bi a laich jyner kennin sae muckle anent the Law.

Bapteesim an Temptation

Aw three o The Seenoptic Gospels records the Bapteesm o Jesus bi John the Bapteezer, (that Luke threaps wis Jesus' kizzen) an pynt tae this as the stairtin o Jesus' meenistry-darg. It seems that Jesus gaed doun tae the River Jordan whaur John wad bapteeze the fowk that cam til him, an speired that John dae the same til him. John wis at first sweirt tae dae sae syne he jaloused Jesus wis greater nor himsel:

But John socht tae hender him: "I hae need tae be baptízed by ye," qo he, "an come ye tae me?
But Jesus answert, "Lat it be sae for the nou; we behuive tae dae this, gin we ar tae dae God's will in aathing." Syne John loot him hae his will. (Matthew 3: 14-15)

Efter this, God sent doun his Speerit in the form o a dou, for tae bliss him. Syne Jesus gaed tae the muirs for fowerty days for tae fast an pray afore his meenistry-darg. While he wes there, Sautan cam til him an temptit him for tae turn him aside frae the gate he ettelt tae tak (i.e. Sautan ettelt tae rauchle Jesus' meenistry-darg wi sin). Housome'ev, Jesus resistit thir temptations an efter the fowerty days wis ower he quat the muirs for tae stairt his wark.


Efter he quat the muirs, Jesus stairtit his meenistry-darg. Hou lang this lestit for isna clear. The Gospel o John seems tae indicate that it lestit for three year (syne three sindry Passower feasts kythes in his Gospel), but some interpretations o The Seenoptic Gospels coud be said tae haud that it lestit anerly the ae year. The problem is made mair teuch bi the fact that the Gospels aften taks a raither theological sklant tae chronology, sae events coud be pitten in deeferent orders for tae mak a theological pynt.
Still an on, it is certain that while he wis at his darg, Jesus wis attractin muckle thrangs that cam tae hear him speak an preach the Kinrick o Heiven. His teachins wis anent sic things as bein hummle, luve for God an Man an ither things sib tae them forby thon. He taucht anent the need tae repent o sins an the comin o the end o the yird an aw. The Gospels records that durin his meenistry-darg, Jesus performed mony ferlies, sic as healins, ruisin up the deid an siclike. Muckle o his time wes spent ettlin tae bring ower sinners sic as hures an tax-gaitherers (that war seen as traitors tae their ain fowk syne they sidit wi the Romans) syne he threapit that:

"It isna the haill an fere hes need o the doctor, but the síck an dwinin...I haena come tae invíte the weill-lívin, but outlans an ill-daers. (Matthew 9: 12-13)

Forby thon, Jesus taucht anent the heepocrisy o the Jewish leaders an agin strict legalism, that made-him-na popular wi the authorities. His claims anent himsel (re: bein the Messiah) gart mony o the leaders tae haud him as a blasphemer an aw, an it seems it wisna lang afore they war drauchtin again him.

Arrest, Trial, Daith an Yirdin

Somtime aboot the Passower, the Jewish leaders decidit tae kill Jesus, an teuk in the hulp o Judas Iscariot, ane o Jesus' follaers. He begeckit Jesus tae thaim, an he wis reestit an pitten on trial. Efter bein speired at bi the Sanhedrin (the Jewish waldin cooncil) an Pontius Pilate (the Roman heidman o Jerusalem), it wis decidit that he wad be execute. Syne Jesus' releegious "crimes" wadna be wirth the daith penalty unner Roman Law, the Jewish leaders tauld Pilate that syne he threapit tae be "King o the Jews" he wis a thrait tae Rome an Roman owerins - a rebel (anti-Roman sentiment wis dreidit, an unco common, an wad later lead tae open rebellion an the rauchle o Jerusalem in AD 70). Sae it wis that Jesus wis crucifee'd. The Gospels aw grees that Jesus dee'd muckle faster nor maist fowk that's crucifee'd.

Christians jalouses that Jesus haed tae dee as a saicrifice for aw the sins o aw the fowk, an that he kent anent Judas' begeckin aforehaund. In Judaism, saicrifices o beasts sic as sheep an gaits wis needit for the forgien o sins, but Christains haud that Jesus wis the ae perfit saicrifice, an that he cam til the yird:

tae gíe his life as a ransom for monie. (Mark 10:45)

Efter he wis deid, ane o the Seenagogue leaders, a chiel cried Joseph o Arimathea teuk his corp an yirdit him in his ain graff.

The feck o Muslims hauds that Jesus dee'dna on the cross ava, an haes twa-three theories anent hou he joukit frae daith includin that he wis substitute for anither chiel (sic as Judas Iscariot or Simon o Cyrene) afore the crucifeection, an that he joukit frae Jerusalem.

Raisin Up

Christians jalouses that Jesus wis raised up days efter his daith. He wis kilt on the Friday efternuin, an gaun by The Gospels he wis raised up frae the deid on the Sunday morn that in Jewish upcastin is three days (syne in Jewish upcast pairt o a day coonts as ae day). Tho The Gospel accoonts isna exact the same, they aw gree that a smaw curn o weemen, includin Mary Magdalene an Mary the Mither o Jesus cam til the graff for tae annynt Jesus' corp wi spices efter the Jewish cuistom. They record twa-three kythins tae the disciples an Luke scrieves o his gaun up til the lift afore a thrang. Christians jalouses that in his raisin up, Jesus defeatit daith an the pouer o Sautan, an this is ane o the maist important Christian beliefs.


The name Jesus is an translate o a common Jewish name kent as Joshua (bein in Ebrue Yahosha - The Laird is ma hulp). He is aften cried Jesus Christ - frae the Greek Χριστός (Christós) that means The Annyntit Ane that in Ebreu is מָשִׁיחַ (Mašía), for ordinar transleeterate as Messiah. This comes frae the Jewish custom o annyntin kings wi ile at their crounin. It shoud be merkit that Christ an Messiah is teetles an no names. Jesus is cried Jesus o Nazareth forby, syne Nazareth is the clachan whaur he is jaloused tae hae bidit for maist o his life.

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