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View o Nazareth, wi the Basilica o the Annunciation at the centre
View o Nazareth, wi the Basilica o the Annunciation at the centre
Offeecial seal o Nazareth
Nazareth is locatit in Israel
Coordinates: 32°42′07″N 35°18′12″E / 32.70194°N 35.30333°E / 32.70194; 35.30333Coordinates: 32°42′07″N 35°18′12″E / 32.70194°N 35.30333°E / 32.70194; 35.30333
Kintra  Israel
Destrict Northren
Foondit 2200 BC (Early settlement)
300 AD (Major ceety)
Municipality Est. 1885
 • Teep Mayor-cooncil
 • Bouk Municipality o Nazareth
 • Mayor Ali Sallam
 • Total 14.123 km2 (5.453 sq mi)
Elevation 347 m (1,138 ft)
Population (2015)[1] 75,726
Demonym(s) Nazarene
Time zone IST (UTC+2)
 • Simmer (DST) IDT (UTC+3)
Aurie code +972 (Israel)

Nazareth (pronounced /ˈnæzərəθ/ (deprecatit template); Ebreu: נָצְרַת‬, Natzrat or Natzeret; Arabic: الناصرةal-Nāṣira or al-Naseriyye) is the lairgest ceety in the North Destrict o Israel. Kent as "the Arab caipital o Israel," the population is predominantly made up o Arab citizens o Israel.[2][3] In the New Testament, the ceety is describit as the childhood hame o Jesus, an as such is a centre o Christian pilgrimage, wi mony shrines commemoratin biblical events. The Mayor o Nazareth is a Palestinian Christian.

Twin touns — sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nazareth is twinned wi:

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