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New Testament

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The New Testament is the seicont pairt o the Christian Bible, an haes the maist important scrievins o that releegion. It tells the story an lair o Jesus Christ, the first thirty year or sae o the early kirk, as weel as haein letters tae the kirks an indiveeduals that's the basis for maist Christian moral lair.

Pairts o The New Testament[eedit | eedit soorce]

The New Testament is skailed intae beuks that can be pitten intae the follaein curns:

The Fower Gospels[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ilkane o the Gospels tells the story o the life an lair o Jesus, the Jewish chiel that cam tae be seen bi the Christians as the Son o God, the Messiah. The Gospels isna biographies as we wad unnerstaund the term the day, but they dae gie us awmaist aw the information we hae anent the life an sayins o Jesus. Gin a body leuks tae the Gospels as a modren biography, they are like tae be dozent bi, for example, the chronological settin oot o things, syne they hae sae muckle a theological importance as they dae narrative importance. The parables, sermons an ferlies o Jesus is setten doun in thir beuks, alang wi the kenspeckle accoonts o his birth, daith an raisin up.

Tradeetion hauds that the Gospels war scrieven bi the fowk that's names is eikit tae thaim. Modren scholars is dividit in opeenion as tae wha actually scrieved thaim. It haes been merkit bi scholars syne the langsyne that Mathew, Mark an Luke are gey seemilar, while John haes a mair disteenctive air aboot it. Sae the first three thegither is aften cried The Synoptic Gospels, an twa-three theories haes kythed anent their authorskip an order o scrievin.
The maist common theory thir days is that Mark wis scrieven first, an the authors o Matthew an Luke uised it a soorce, alang wi anither soorce syne tint that haes been cried Q (frae the German Quelle = soorce in Scots). This is acause the three skares muckle material thegither, Matthew an Luke skares a wheen material that's in Mark an aw.
John is for ordinar jaloused tae hae been scrieven last, tho some scholars, sic as CH Dodd, haes sugeestit it micht hae been the first, gin it wis scrieven first in Aramaic, an no in Greek as they think it micht hae been.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

For the maist pairt this beuk tells o the first thirty year or sae o the early kirk. It chairts the oncome o meesion darg, orginisation an guideship efter the daith an raisin up o Jesus. In Acks we see the new releegion stairtin tae leuk outwi the Jews an taewart the Gentiles in its meesion darg, unner the guideship o Saunt Paul.

Tradeetion threaps that Acks wis scrieved bi Luke, wha scrieved the Gospel that beirs his name an aw. Maist modren scholars grees that they war screiven bi the same chiel due tae style, phrases etc.

Pauline Epistles (cried the Corpus Paulinum an aw)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thir beuks wir jaloused tae be letters sent tae the kirks an indiveedual fowk bi Saunt Paul (see ablo). As he wis ane o the maist important fowk in the early kirk, his letters (an his beliefs, that's setten oot in thae letters) wir unco influential in the biggin o Christian morals, the organisation o the kirk an in mony ither pairts o the releegion forby thon. Mony o the maist kenspeckle pairts an ideas o screeptur can be fund in the Pauline Epistles sic as the sae cried "Roman Gate" (Romans) the celebratit passage anent Christian luve (I Cor. 13:1-13) an the "Airmour o God" (Eph. 6:10-18).

  • Romans
  • I Corinthians
  • II Corinthians
  • Galatians
  • Ephesians
  • Philippians
  • Colossians
  • I Thessalonians
  • II Thessalonians
  • I Timothy
  • II Timothy
  • Titus
  • Philemon
  • Hebrews

Aw o thir screivins war at ae time threapit tae hae been bi Saunt Paul, tho his authorskip o some o thaim is disputit the nou. It shoud be merkit that e'en syne early times fowk haes doutit that Paul scrieved Hebrews - an in fact it is naewhaur threapit in the letter as it is in the lave. Mair oot ower, the muckle deeferences in style atween Hebrews an the lave o the Pauline Epsitles leads the muckle feck o scholars (specially syne the Reformation) tae draw that it wisna scrieven bi Paul ava. Paul seems tae hae dictatit his letters tae scribes, an in some letters maks a pynt o scrievin his ain salutation.

Ordinar Epistles[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Ordinar Epistles is the name gien tae the curn o letters no jaloused tae hae been scrieven bi Paul, but bi ithir leaders o the early kirk. Like Paul's letters, they deal wi ordinar Christian issues (sic as the "Faith/ Warks" issue that kythes in James) as weel as issues mair relevent tae heresies etc. o the time that they war scrieven in (sic as II John).

  • James
  • I Peter
  • II Peter
  • I John
  • II John
  • III John
  • Jude

Thir scrievins war bi tradeetion thocht tae hae been scrieven bi the fowk that's names ais eikit tae thaim, tho ance mair modren scholars disna gree wi ilk ithir as tae whither or no this is true. James an Jude wis jaloused tae be hauf-brithers o Jesus. It isna certain whither the John that the the letters is attribute is the same John that the The Gospel o John an Revelation is attribute, tho that haes lang been assumed bi some fowk. It is true that they hae certain language featurs in common - tho Revelation is screiven in raither ill Greek that leads maist scholars tae draw that it wisna screiven bi the same chiel that scrieved the letters (see ablo).

Apocalypse[eedit | eedit soorce]

This beuk is anent the "End Times", an is unco teuch tae unnerstaund. The style that it wis scrieven in, the sae cried "Apocalypse" genre (that, in fact, comes frae the Greek meanin revelation, or unkiverin). It haes unco strynge seembolic language an metaphors that arna easy tae unnerstaund the day, tho it wad likely hae been clearer tae the oreeginal readers.

  • Revelation

Ance mair attributit tae a chiel cried John, but John wis a common name amang the early Christians, an identifeein him is haird. Mair nor twa-three fowk haes been pitten forrit bi scholars (John the Apostle, son o Zebedee; John Mark an a skuggy chiel cried John the Presbyter is amang thaim maist aften pitten forrit) , an ithers hauds that the beuk wis scrieven bi mair nor ae chiel at mair nor ae time. Whit is certaint is that the Greek uised in the scrievin o Revelation isna awfu guid, specially whan compeart tae that uised in The Gospel o John that haes led mony scholars tae draw that they warna scrieven bi the same chiel. Housome'er fowk that threaps that they war scrieven bi the same chiel pynts oot that the uiss o scribes wis common at the time (see the jottin anent the Pauline Epistles abuin) an sugeests that John (whit iver ane scrieved the Gospel) micht hae uised a scribe for his Gospel, but syne he seems tae scrieve that he is in exile at the time o scrievin (Rev. 1: 9) this micht no hae been an option whan he pit doun Revelation an sae he haed tae uise his ain, less guid, Greek.

Fremmit Airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]