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Peter the Great

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Peter the Great
Emperor o Aw Roushie
Ring2 November 1721 – 8 Februar 1725
PredecessorHimself as Tsar
SuccessorCatherine I
Sovereign, Tsar an Grand Prince o Aw Roushie
Ring7 Mey 1682 – 2 November 1721
co-reign, wi Ivan V, 1682–1696
Coronation25 Juin 1682
PredecessorFeodor III
SuccessorHimself as Emperor
Born9 Juin 1672(1672-06-09)
Dee'd8 Februar 1725(1725-02-08) (aged 52)
Saunt Petersburg
BuirialPeter an Paul Cathedral
Full name
Peter Alekseyevich Romanov
HooseHoose o Romanov
MitherNatalya Naryshkina
ReleegionRoushieussian Orthodox Christian
SeegnaturPeter the Great's signature

Peter the Great, Peter I or Pyotr Alexeyevich ([Пётр Алексе́евич, Пётр I, Pyotr I, or Пётр Вели́кий, Pyotr Velikiy] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) (9 Juin [A.S. 30 Mey] 1672 – 8 February [A.S. 28 January] 1725)[a] ruled the Tsardom o Roushie an later the Roushie Empire frae 7 Mey [A.S. 27 Aprile] 1682 till his daith, jyntly rulin afore 1696 wi his hauf-brither.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Dates indicatit bi the letters "O.S." are in the Julian calendar wi the start o year adjustit tae the 1 Januar. Aw ither dates in this airticle are Gregorian calendar (see Auld Style an New Style dates).