Ivan V o Roushie

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Ivan V
Ivan V by anonym (Kremlin museum).jpg
Tsar o Aw Roushie
Ring7 Mey 1682 – 8 Februar 1696
Coronation25 Juin 1682
PredecessorFeodor III
SuccessorPeter I
Co-monarchPeter I
RegentSophia Alekseyevna (1682–1689)
Born6 September 1666(1666-09-06)
Dee'd8 Februar 1696(1696-02-08) (aged 29)
BuirialAirchangel Cathedral
ConsortPraskovia Saltykova
IssueTsarevna Maria Ivanovna
Tsarevna Feodosia Ivanovna
Catherine, Duchess o Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Empress Anna o Roushie
Tsarevna Praskovia Ivanovna
Full name
Ivan Alekseyevich Romanov
HooseHoose o Romanov
MitherMaria Miloslavskaya
ReleegionEastren Orthodox

Ivan V Alekseyevich (Roushie: Иван V Алексеевич, 6 September [A.S. 27 August] 1666 – 8 February [A.S. 29 January] 1696) wis a jynt Tsar o Roushie (wi his younger hauf-brither Peter I) who co-reigned atween 1682 an 1696.