Spaingie Empire

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Spaingie Empire
  • Monarquía Hispánica
  • Monarquía universal española
  • Imperio Español


"Plus ultra" (Laitin)
"Forder Ayont"
The auries o the warld that at ane time war territories o the Spaingie Monarchy or Empire.
Leids Spaingie, Laitin (formal); an aa Aragonese, Asturian, Basque, Catalan, Galician an ither indigenous leids
Releegion Catholic Kirk
Keeng Keengs o Spain
 -  Established 1492
 -  Disestablished 1975
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Croun o Castile
Croun o Aragon
Kinrick o Granada
Kinrick o Navarre
Burgundian Netherlands
Episcopal principality o Utrecht
Aztec Empire
Inca Empire
Maya Ceevilisation
Kinrick o Tondo
Confederation o Madja-as
Louisiana (New Fraunce)
First Mexican Empire
Gran Colombia
Unitit Provinces o the Río de la Plata
Pertectorate o Peru
First Philippine Republic
Equatorial Guinea
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Louisiana (New Fraunce)
Florida Territory
Unitit States Militar Govrenment in Cuba
Puerto Rico
  Portuguese Empire in the Iberian Union (1581–1640).
  Territories held afore the Treaties o UtrechtBaden (1713–1714).
  Territories held afore the Spaingie American wars o unthirldom (1808–1833).
  Territories held afore the Spaingie–American War (1898–1899).
  Territories grantit unthirldom in the Decolonisation o Africae (1956–1976).
  Current territories admeenistert bi Spain.
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The Spaingie Empire (Spaingie: Imperio español) wis ane o the lairgest empires in history.