Govrenorates o Lebanon

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Map o the govrenorates o Lebanon in geographic order, clockwise frae Beirut.

Lebanon is dividit intae sax govrenorates (muhafazah), leetit wi their caipitals in parentheses:

  1. Beirut (Beirut)
  2. Moont Lebanon (Baabda)
  3. North (Tripoli)
  4. Beqaa (Zahlé)
  5. Nabatieh (Nabatieh)
  6. Sooth (Sidon)

The govrenorates are dividit intae destricts, an then subdividit intae municipalities.

Twa new govrenotes hae been approved but no yet implementit: Akkar (frae Akkar Destrict) an Baalbek-Hermel (frae Baalbek Destrict an Hermel Destrict). [1] Archived 2009-03-15 at the Wayback Machine

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