Prefecturs o Japan

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Prefecturs o Japan

The prefecturs o Japan are the kintra's 47 first-order subnational jurisdictions on a state or provincial level: ane "metropolis" ( to?), Tokyo; ane "circuit"/territory ( ?), Hokkaido; twa urban prefecturs ( fu?), Osaka an Kyoto; an 43 ither prefecturs ( ken?). Prefecturs are govrenmental bodies lairger than ceeties, towns, an veelages. The umwhile provinces o Japan wur convertit intae prefecturs in the 1870s.[1]

The chief executive o each prefectur is a directly electit governor (知事 chiji?). Ordinances an budgets are enactit bi a unicameral (single chamber) assembly (議会 gikai?) whose electit members serve fower-year terms.

Unner the current Local Autonomy Law, each prefectur is further subdividit intae ceeties ( shi?) an destricts ( gun?). Each destrict is further subdividit into touns ( chō/machi?) an veelages ( son/mura?). For example, Hokkaido haes 14 subprefecturs which act as branch affices (支庁 shichō?) o the prefectur. Some ither prefecturs an aa hae branch offices, which carry oot prefectural admeenistrative functions outside the caipital. Tokyo, the caipital, is a merged ceety-prefectur; it has featurs o baith ceeties an prefecturs.

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