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Mount Lebanon Govrenorate

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(Reguidit frae Munt Lebanon Govrenorate)

Mount Lebanon (Arabic: جبل لبنان‎; transliterated: Jabal Libnan) is ane o the Govrenorates o Lebanon. Its caipital is Baabda. The owerwhelming majority o its population is Maronites, Greek Orthodox, an Melkite Greek Catholic Christians. Housomeivver, there are an aa mony Muslims in the aurie, an there is the Druze community.


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The govrenorate is dividit intae 6 destricts (Aqdya, singular – qadaa or Caza) which are:

Releegion in Mpunt Lebanon Govrenorate

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Christians makes the majority wi 67.32%; Druze makes the seicont maist wi 18.47%; Sunnis makes the third wi 7.33%; Shia are the last wi 6.88%.

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