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Ceety FD
Kintra Lebanon
GovrenorateMunt Lebanon
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+02

Jounieh (Arabic جونيه, or Junia, جونية) is a coastal ceety aboot 16 km (10 mi) north o Beirut, Lebanon. Jounieh is kent for its seaside resorts an bustlin nichtlife, as well as its auld stane souk, ferry port, an cablecaur (le télphérique), which takes passengers up the muntain tae the shrine o Oor Lady o Lebanon in Harissa. Abuin Jounieh, an on the wey tae Harissa, a sma hill namit Bkerké (Arabic بكركي, or Bkerki), owerleukin the Jounieh bay, is the seat o the Patriairch o the Maronite Catholic Kirk. Residents o Jounieh an the surroondin touns are owerwhelmingly Christian Maronites. Consequently, Jounieh is considered tae be the lairgest Christian Maronite ceety in the warld. The Bay o Jounieh is considered tae be the maist bonnie bay in Lebanon.

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