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Tripoli Destrict

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The Tripoli Destrict is a sma, but vera densely populatit destrict in the North Govrenorate o Lebanon. It consists o the ceety Tripoli an the surroondin aurie. The vast majority o residents are Sunni Muslim (approximately 80%), a sma minority Orthodox an Maronite Christians, an a sma minority o Alawite Muslims.

Denominational makup o the population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Source: http://elnashra.com/elections/vote Archived 2009-06-12 at the Wayback Machine

Denominations Percentage
Christians 11%
Maronites 3
Greek Orthodox 6
Greek Catholic 1
Other Christians 1
Muslims 89%
Sunnis 80
Shiites 0
Druzes 0
Alawites 9