Baabda Destrict

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Location o Baabda Destrict in Lebanon

Baabda Destrict (Arabic: قضاء بعبدا, translit: Qada' Baabda), sometimes spelled B'abda, is a destrict (qadaa) in Munt Lebanon Govrenorate, Lebanon, tae the sooth an east o the Lebanon's caipital Beirut. The destrict caipital is the toun o Baabda.

The region is popularly kent forby as Soothren Matn (Arabic: المتن الجنوبي, translit: ِAl Matn al Janoubi), as destinct frae Matn Destrict (Arabic: قضاء المتن الشمالي, translit: Qada' Al Matn ash Shimali),

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The inhabitants o the Baabda destrict are mainly Maronite Catholics, Shi'a Muslims an Druze. The Maronites are the lairgest group, follaed b Shi'a Muslims and Druze. Housomeivver, Sunni Muslims, Greek Catholics an Orthodox Christians inhabit the aurie an aa. It is important tae note that Shiite Muslims in the Baabda destrict maistly inhabit the coastal area o the destrict which lies directly sooth o Beirut. This aurie is forby kent as "Dahye" or the soothren suburbs o Beirut. The Druze on the ither haund, live in the muntainous aurie further inland.

As o the 2005 elections, Baabda haes six seats allocatit tae it in the Lebanese Parliament. Three o these seats are allocatit tae Maronite Catholics, while twa are allocatit tae the Shi'a Muslims an ane tae the Druze.

Amber[eedit | eedit soorce]

Baabda is the source o Amber steids datin frae 120 million years ago that hae uncovered amang the auldest lizards includin the Baabdasaurus, an an aw mony insects.

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