Surxondaryo Province

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Surxondaryo Province (Uzbek: Surxondaryo viloyati, Сурхондарё вилояти, Persie: سرخان‌دریا‎, UniPers: "sorxāndaryā"), auld spellin Surkhandarya Province is a viloyat (province) o Uzbekistan, locatit in the extreme sooth-east o the kintra. It wis stablished on 6 Mairch 1941. It covers an aurie o 20,100 km². The population is estimatit at 1,925,100 (end o 2005 data), wi 80% livin in rural auries.[1] Accordin tae offeecial data, 83% o the population are Uzbeks an 1% Tajiks.[2] The heichest pynt o Province an anaw o Uzbekistan is Khazrati Sulton peak reachin 4,643 m/15,233 ft in Gissar Range.[3]

The provincial caipital is Termez wi a population o 122,900 an the seicont lairgest ceety is Denov (Denau) wi 69,500 indwallers (data for 2005).[1] Ither major touns include Boysun, Jarqo‘rg‘on, Qumqo‘rg‘on, Shargun, Sherobod, Sho‘rchi, an Sariosiyo.

The climate is teepical continental wi mild wet winters an het dry simmers. The soothren pairt o the province is in the Badkhiz-Karabil semi-desert ecoregion (PA0808), characterizit bi a savanna o pistachio an desert sedge. The northren portion is characterized bi open woodlands (Gissaro-Alai open woodlands ecoregion, PA1306), wi characteristic plants bein pistachio, awmond, walnut, aiple, an juniper. Sagebrush is common at lawer elevations [4][the cited link daes nae lead tae this information: need a direct link]

Naitural resoorces include petroleum, natural gas, an coal. Licht industry, mainly cotton ginnin an fuid processin, is anaw an important pairt o the provincial economy, pairticularly in the production o consumer goods. Agricultur is based primarily on cotton an cereals, supplementit wi horticultur an viticultur. Surxondaryo is the kintra's lairgest supplier o lang-feebre cotton. Livestock accoonts for 40% o regional agricultural product.[1] The climatic conditions o this region an aw mak it possible tae cultivate subtropical crops sic as succarcane.

The province haes a well-developit transport infrastructur, wi 300 km o railways an 2,700 km o surfacit roads.[1] Central Asie's anerlie river port is locatit at Termez on the Amudarya River.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bitter debates accompaniet the Soviet allocation o Surkhandarya Province tae the Uzbek SSR rather than the Tajik SSR in 1929, as that province, as well as the auries o Bukhara an Samarkand, haed sizeable, if no dominant, Tajik populations.

Destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

The provinces is dividit intae 14 destricts (tumans):[5][6]

Destrict name Destrict caipital
1 Angor Angor
2 Bandikhon Bandikhon
3 Boysun Boysun
4 Denov (Denau) Denov (Denau)
5 Jarkurghon (Jarqo‘rg‘on) Jarkurghon
6 Kizirik (Qiziriq) Sariq
7 Kumkurghon (Qumqo‘rg‘on) Kumkurghon
8 Muzrabot Khalkobod (Khalkabad)
9 Oltinsoy Qarluq
10 Sariosiyo Sariosiyo
11 Termiz Termiz (Termez)
12 Uzun Uzun
13 Sherobod Sherobod
14 Shurchi (Sho‘rchi) Shurchi

Agricultur (2005 data)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Agricultur accoonts for 42% o tot employment in Surxondaryo Province an produces 8% o Uzbekistan’s agricultural ootput. Agricultural production is 56% crops an 44% livestock (lik the kintra’s average). Milk yields are less nor 1,700 kg per cow per year, on a par wi the naitional average.

Main characteristics o agricultur in Surxondaryo Province[1][7]

Surxondaryo Percent o
naitional tot
Sown aurie 278,100 ha 8
Cereals 45% 8
Cotton 45% 8
Potatoes, vegetables 5% 7
Feed crops 5% 5
Fruit orchards 12,600 ha 6
Vineyards 8,400 ha 6
Cattle 531,100 heid 8
Cows 241,900 heid 9
Sheep, goats 1,253,500 heid 11

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