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Buxoro / Бухоро / بخارا
Mir-i Arab madrasah
Mir-i Arab madrasah
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Coordinates: 39°46′N 64°26′E / 39.767°N 64.433°E / 39.767; 64.433Coordinates: 39°46′N 64°26′E / 39.767°N 64.433°E / 39.767; 64.433
Kintra Uzbekistan
ProvinceBukhara Province
 • HokimRustamov Qiyomiddin Qahhorovich
 • City263,400
 • Urban
 • Metro
Time zoneGMT +5
Area code(s)local 365, int. +99865

Bukhara ([] error: {{lang-xx}}: no text (help)Buxoro; Tajik: Бухоро Bukhoro, Persie: بخارا; Roushie: Бухара Bukhara), frae the Soghdian βuxārak ("lucky place"), is the caipital o the Bukhara Province (viloyat) o Uzbekistan. The naition's fift-lairgest ceety, it haes a population o 263,400 (2009 census estimate). The region aroond Bukhara haes been inhabitit for at least five millennia, an the ceety haes existit for hauf that time. Locatit on the Silk Road, the ceety haes lang been a centre o tred, scholarship, cultur, an releegion. The historic centre o Bukhara, which contains numerous mosques an madrassas, haes been leetit bi UNESCO as a Warld Heritage Steid. Ethnic Uzbek mey constitute the lairgest element in Bukhara, wi the native Tajiks bein as numerous. The ceety lang haes haed a mixed population includin Jews an ither ethnic minorities.

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