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Yangiyo‘l an aa spelled as Yangiyul (Uzbek: Yangiyo‘l / Янгийўл; Roushie: Янгиюль) is a 13t ceety (efter 12 province centres) in Uzbekistan's Tashkent Province, 20 km frae the ceety o Tashkent. It haes a population o aboot 60,000 fowk. Industry in the aurie includes textiles an paper. In recent years, the ceety haes haed an ootbreak o HIV, maist prevalent amang uisers o injectit drugs like heroin.

The lairgest factories an plants in the ceety: Confectionary Factory, Bio-chemical Plant, Ile Plant, Wine plant, Paper Factory, Brick Production Plant, Canned Foouid Plant. Some o the factories an plants are in great need o investments. There are 18 schuils, 3 colleges an 1 academic lyceum in this cieety. Aw the ither ceety facilities, such as a pairk, a cinema, restaurants, bars an cafes are an aa available for the fowk livin in that aurie.

Coordinates: 41°06′45″N 69°02′48″E / 41.1125°N 69.0467°E / 41.1125; 69.0467