Angren, Uzbekistan

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Angren / Ангрен
Angren is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Uzbekistan
Coordinates: 41°1′N 70°8′E / 41.017°N 70.133°E / 41.017; 70.133
Kintra Uzbekistan
ProvinceTashkent Province
 • Total126,962

Angren (Uzbek: Angren / Ангрен; Roushie: Ангрен) is a ceety in eastren Uzbekistan 70 mi (110 km) east o Tashkent. It wis foondit in 1946 as a center for the Uzbek SSR's coal industry. It is locatit on the Angren River.

A notable industrial toun, it has a lairge construction-materials industrie, a rubber processin plant an a pouer station.

Prior tae the collapse o the Soviet Union, the ceety haed a signeeficant Roushien population. The population o the ceety haes declined syne the early 1990s acause o vera puir livin condeetions, unemployment an mass immigration. In 1992 it haed a population o 133,000 but as o 2005 it wis 126,962.

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