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Coordinates: 43°10′N 58°45′E / 43.167°N 58.750°E / 43.167; 58.750

Republic o Karakalpakstan

Qoraqalpogʻiston Respublikasi
Qaraqalpaqstan Respublikası

Қарақалпақстан Республикасы
Banner o Karakalpakstan
Coat o airms o Karakalpakstan
Coat o airms
Motto: Serquyosh Hur Olkam
Anthem"Qaraqalpaqstan Respublikasınıń Mámleketlik Gimni"
(Scots: "State Anthem o the Republic o Karakalpakstan")
Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan
Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan
Offeecial leids
Demonym(s)Uzbek an Karakalpak
Autonomous region o Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
GovrenmentAutonomous republic or region o Uzbekistan[2]
• The Chairman o Jokargy Kenes
Musa Yerniyazov
Autonomous region o Uzbekistan
• Total
161,358 km2 (62,301 sq mi)
• 2017 estimate
Time zoneUTC+5 (Uzbekistan Staundart Time)

Karakalpakstan (Karakalpak: Qaraqalpaqstan Respublikası or Қарақалпақстан Республикасы; Uzbek: Qoraqalpog‘iston Respublikasi or [Қоракалпоғистон Республикаси] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) is an autonomous republic o Uzbekistan. It occupies the whole wastren end o Uzbekistan. The caipital is Nukus (Karakalpak: No'kis or Нөкис). The Republic o Karakalpakstan haes an area o 160,000 square kilometres (62,000 sq mi). Its territory covers the classical land o Khwarezm, tho in classical Persie literatur the aurie wis kent as "Kāt کات".


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The population o Karakalpakstan is estimatit at 1,200,000, o whom 500,000 are o the Karakalpak ethnic group, 400,000 are Uzbek an 300,000 are Kazakh. The Karakalpak wur umwhile nomadic herders an fishers, an wur first mentioned in the 16t century. Thair name means "Black Hat", but Karakalpak cultur wis sae lost throu Sovietization that the oreeginal meanin o the black hat is nou unkent. The Karakalpak leid is considered closer tae Kazakh than tae Uzbek. Indeed thare are accusations that the ethnic group wis an invention o the Soviet govrenment tae divide the Kazakh population. The leid wis written in a modifee'd Cyrillic in Soviet times an in the Laitin alphabet syne 1996.

Ither than the caipital Nukus, lairge ceeties include Xojeli (Uzbek: Xo'jayli; Roushie: Ходжейли), Shimbai (Шымбай), Konirat (Қоңырат) an Moynaq (Uzbek: Mo'ynoq; Roushie: Муйнак), a umwhile Aral Sea port nou some 85 kilometres (53 mi) inland.


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The economy o the region, umwhile hivily dependent on fisheries, is nou supportit bi cotton, rice an melons. Hydroelectric pouer frae a lairge Soviet-biggit station on the Amu Darya is an aa important.

The Amu Darya delta wis ance hivily populatit, an supportit extensive irrigation based agricultur for thoosans o years. Unner the Khorezm, the aurie attained considerable pouer an prosperity. Housomeivver, the gradual climate chynge ower the centuries, acceleratit bi human induced evaporation o the Aral Sea in the late 20t century haes creatit an apocalyptic scene in the region. The auncient oasis o rivers, lakes, reed mairshes, forests an ferms are dryin up an bein pushiont bi wind-borne salt as well as fertilizer an pesticide residues frae the dree'd bed o the Aral Sea. Simmer temperaturs hae risen 10 degrees Celsius an winter temperatures hae decreased bi 10 degrees Celsius. The rate o anemia, respiratory diseases, an ither heal problems haes risen dramatically.

Admeenistrative diveesions

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Destricts o Karakalpakstan
Destrict name Destrict caipital
1 Amiwdarya Destrict Mañgit
2 Beruniy Destrict Beruniy
3 Shimbay Destrict Shimbay
4 Ellikqala Destrict Bostan
5 Kegeyli Destrict Kegeyli
6 Moynaq Destrict Moynaq
7 Nukus Destrict Aqmañgit
8 Qanlikõl Destrict Qanlikõl
9 Qoñirat Destrict Qoñirat
10 Qzraõzek Destrict Qaraõzek
11 Shomanay Destrict Shomanay
12 Taxtakõpir Destrict Taxtakõpir
13 Tõrtkõl Destrict Tõrtkõl
14 Xojeli Destrict Xojeli

Unthirldom muivement

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Recently the wabsteid o Radio Free Europe broadcast a report on the beginnins o an unthirldom muivement in Karakalpakstan due tae the bad environmental an social conditions o the republic, tho ither residents an politeecians frae the region strangly deny the existence or desire for a genuine unthirldom muivement.


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In 2009, the first radio station o Karakalpakstan wis opened. The station is cried Nukus FM, which broadcasts on radiowave 100.4 MHz an anerlie in Nukus. The radio doesna broadcast online, but ane can listen tae the samples online on the muisic wabsteid o Karakalpakstan.

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