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Oryza sativa
Scientific classification
Kinrick: Plantae
Diveesion: Magnoliophyta
Cless: Liliopsida
Order: Poales
Faimily: Poaceae
Genus: Oryza

Rice is a kind o scran. It is grown in warm parts o the warld, mainly Asie, Africae, northren Italy, an the Wast Coast o North Americae. Rice uised tae be the main diet in mony kintras. It isnae eaten raw; uisually it is cuiked or biled. In some areas, sic as Spain, rice is first fried in olive ile or butter, then cuiked wi watter or soup. In ither areas, sic as Indie, rice is aeten wi sauce or curry. Rice can be uised for tae mak alcohol, sic as Japanese sake forby. Rice is tocht to have been first grown in auncient soothren Cheenae an Indie. Rice growin was brocht tae Japan mibbie in the 1st century BC, an became popular during the 2t century an the 3t century. Frae Indie, rice spread tae soothren Europe an Africae. Rice is uisually plauntit in a flet field droukit wi watter. Afore croppin, the watter is drained frae the field. Afore fermers developed a guid fermin system an fertilisers, they uised tae let launds reist for 1 tae 2 year while ferming in ither launds. In some hot areas, nearhaund the equaetor, fermers dae dooble-croppin which means raisin twa crops a year.

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