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The Coat o airms o Serbie is the same as the coat o airms o the umwhile Obrenović dynasty (first adoptit in 1882; re-adoptit in 2004) an features the white bicephalic eagle o the Hoose o Nemanjić. A ermine cape o the style ance worn bi kings is featurt in the backgrund. The double-heidit eagle haes been uised syne Byzantine times, the Serbian cross haes been uised syne the 12t century. In November 2010 the coat o airms wis redesigned accordin tae heraldic experts.[1]

Design[eedit | eedit soorce]

The principal field stands for the Serbian State. It consists o a double-heidit eagle on a reid shield; its body an wings in siller, an tongues, beaks, legs an claws in gowd, atween twa gowden fleurs-de-lys. The inescutcheon stands for the Serbian Naition; in a reid shield, a cross atween fower siller firesteels reenged in the quarters aroond it, aw o thaim facin horizontally ootwards.

A blazon in heraldic terms is: Gules, a bicephalic eagle Argent armed Or, twa fleurs-de-lys Or. Oweraw an escutcheon Gules, a cross Argent atween fower firesteels Argent. Aw crouned wi a ryal croun. The design on the inescutcheon haes been uised bi Serbian states an the Serbian kirk syne the Middle Ages.

The fower shapes aroond the central cross are firesteels, but thay are commonly referred tae as Cyrillic letters С. Thay actually oreeginate frae the Greek letter B (beta) frae the phrase: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΩΝ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣΙΝ (The King o Kings rules ower Kings), as oreeginally uised on the banner o the Palaiologos dynasty o Byzantine Empire.

Awbeit Serbie is nou a republic, the new coat o airms features the croun o the umwhile Serbian monarchy. While unuisual for republics, it is no unprecedentit.[citation needit]

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