Coat o airms o San Marino

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Coat of arms of San Marino.svg

The coat o airms o San Marino probably oreeginatit in the fowerteent century.

The components o the coat o airms are in detail:

  • In the blue shield there are three green muntains wi three silver towers, which are decoratit wi a weather vane wi a siller ostrich feather. The touers seembolize the three citadels o San Marino (La Guaita, La Cesta an La Montale), while the hills represent the three summits o the Monte Titano. See: The Three Touers o San Marino
  • The motto "LIBERTAS" (Lat. freedom). It possibly refers tae the takin in of victims o poleetical persecution in the earlier years o San Marino, an tae the amazin maintenance o independence in the midst o mony lairger states. The motto coud an aa hae developed frae the alleged last wirds o the foonder Marinu "Relinquo vos liberos ab utroque homine" (Lat. "I leave you free frae baith men"). [1]
  • An oak an laurel branch, which surroonds the coat o airms are seembols for the stability o the republic an the defense o the liberty.
  • A croun, which serves as seembol o sovereignty.

The coat o airms o San Marino adorns amang ither things the banner o the kintra an the logo o the Sammarinese Federazione Sammarinese Giuoco Calcio.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. This somewhat mysterious phrase is maist likely tae refer, tae the twa "men" frae whose oppressive pouer Saunt Marinus haed decidit tae separate hissel, becomin a hermit on Munt Titano: respectively the Emperor an the Pape. This affirmation o freedom (first an foremaist fiscal franchise) from both the State and the Church, however legendary, has always been the inspiration of the tiny republic. (source: "The Republic of San Marino", William Miller, The American Historical Review, Vol. 6, No. 4 (Jul., 1901), pp. 633-649)

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