Coat o airms o Luxembourg

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The coat o airms o Luxembourg haes its oreegins in the Middle Ages, an wis derived frae that o the Duchy o Limburg, in modren day Belgium an the Netherlands. In heraldic leid, these airms are describit as: burely o 10 argent an azure, a lion rampant queue fourché in saltire gules airmed, langued an crouned or.

Versions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare are a greater, middle an lesser version o the coat o airms o Luxembourg. The greater Coat o airms haes twa reguardant an crouned lions as supporters, the Dinastic Order an aw surroondit bi hermine mantlin crouned wi a heraldic ryal croun (the croun uised bi the Grand Duke). The middle Coat o airms haes the supporters, the order an the croun. The lesser Coat o airms haes the croun an the escutcheon athoot external ornaments.

Airms o the Monarch[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Grand Duke haes a personal airms:

Quarterly: 1 an 4 Luxembourg, 2 an 3 Nassau (Blazon: Azure billetty Or, a lion or airmed an langued Gules). The lesser variant o the airms o the monarch haesna external ornaments. The middle variant haes the supporters, the order an the croun.

The greater variant haes a dinastic inescutcheon wi the airms o the Hoose o Bourbon-Parma (Blazon: Azure bordure Gules chairged wi aicht escallops Argent, three fleurs-de-lys Or). The supporters are hauldin a lance Or, flyin the Banner o Luxembourg, aw surroondit bi hermine mantlin wi the croun.

The coat o airms o Henry V, Coont o Luxembourg (1216–1281)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Henry V wis the first Coont o Luxembourg tae adopt a primitive form o these airms. His faither, Waleran III, Duke o Limburg, bore the airms, argent a lion rampant queue fourché gules armed, langued an crouned or (white field bearin a reid double tailed lion wi yellae claws, teeth, tongue an croun). Henry V replaced the white field bi a series o white an blue stripes (burely o 10 argent an azure) tae differentiate frae his hauf-brither Henry IV, Duke o Limburg.

It is yet uncertain whaur the oreegins o this burely o 10 argent an azure are. Jean-Claude Loutsch, Luxembourg's maist prominent heraldist, authored the theory that the oreeginal Luxembourg dynasties mey hae born a striped banner (colours unkent). Twa dynasties closely relatit tae the first Hooses o Luxembourg an aa adoptit striped coats o airms durin this period. Baith the Coonts o Loon an Coonts o Grandpré bore the airms burely o 10 or an gules (yellae an reid alternatin stripes). In such a case, the choice o colour o the stripes wad hae been determined tae match the white field an reid lion o Limburg.

The coat o airms o Henry VI, Coont o Luxembourg (1240-1288)[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1282, efter the daith o Waleran IV, Duke o Limburg, Henry VI, coont o Luxembourg chynged his airms bi doublin the lion's tail an passin it in saltire as a claim on the duchy o Limburg. Efter Henry VI's daith in 1288 at the Battle o Worringen, Henry VII readoptit his grandfaither Henry VII's airms which remained in uise till the extinction o the Hoose o Luxembourg.

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