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Coat o airms o the Czech Republic

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The Coat o airms o the Czech Republic (Czech: Státní znak České republiky) displays the three historical regions – the Czech lands – which mak up the naition:

The airms o Bohemie shaw a siller double-tailed lion on a reid backgrund1. The Bohemian Lion is repeatit in the lawer-left-haund side o the coat o airms (frae the perspective o the body hauldin the shield). The Moravian red-an-siller chequered eagle is shawn on a blue backgrund. Syne the days o the Habsburg Monarchy till 1918, the Moravian Eagle wis chequered in the reid-an-gowd colours o the Habsburg dynasty. The airms o Silesie are a black eagle wi the sae-cawed "clover stalk" in her breast on a golden backgrund, awtho anerlie a sma sooth-eastren pairt o the historical region (Czech Silesie) belangs tae Czechie.

The history o Czech coat o airms dates back tae the 13t century, when the Bohemian Lion, a meed bi Emperor Frederick Barbarossa tae King Vladislaus II o Bohemie, appeared on the seal o his Přemyslid descendant King Ottokar II (1253-1278). The Moravian Eagle wis first documentit on the seal o Ottokar's uncle, Margrave Přemysl (d. 1239). The shields an aa appeared on the coat o airms o the Lands o the Bohemian Croun establisht bi Emperor Charles IV. The Silesian Eagle stems frae the rulin dynasty o the Piasts an wis first applee'd bi Duke Henry II the Pious (1238-1241).

The day the shield is an aa uised as the badge for the Czech naitional fitbaa team an Czech naitional ice hockey team.

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