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Coat o airms o Andorrae

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The coat o airms o Andorrae haes existit for centuries. It supposedly violates the Rule o tincture. This coat o airms haes been the naitional coat o airms o Andorrae syne 1969. Ablo the shield airms stauns Andorra's naitional slogan Virtus Unita Fortior (Laitin for "Unitit virtue is stranger"). The coat o airms appears on the banner o Andorrae an aa.

The airms are:

  • Quarterly I Gules a beeshop's mitre Or lined Argent (for La Seu d'Urgell)
  • II Or three pales Gules (for Foix)
  • III Or fower pallets Gules (for Catalonie)[1]
  • IV twa cous passant per pale Gules (for Béarn)

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