Coat o airms o Estonie

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The current coat o airms o Estonie is a gowden shield whilk includes three slim, blue leopards (or lions passant guardant) in the middle, wi aik branches alang the side o the shield. The insignie wis copied frae the coat o airms o Denmark, whilk ruled Northren Estonie in the 13t century.

The Riigikogu (the state assembly) o the independent Republic o Estonie offeecially adoptit the coat o airms on Juin 19, 1925.

Housomeivver, the coat o airms wis offeecially banned follaein the occupation o Estonie bi the Soviet Union in 1940, an replaced wi the Soviet-inspired coat o airms o the Estonian SSR. Soviet offeecials persecutit an jailed onyane uisin the coat o airms or the naitional colors o Estonie. The readoption o the naitional seembols markit the completion o the struggle for unthrildom whilk wis finally achieved on August 7, 1990, an regulatit bi the Law on State Coat o Airms o Aprile 6, 1993.

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