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Coat o airms o Albanie

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The coat o airms o Albanie is a adaptation o the banner o Albanie. It is based on the seal o Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. The emblem abuin the heid o the twa-heidit eagle is the helmet o Skanderbeg, surmountit wi billy gaits' horns.

The emblem haes dimensions o 1:1.5. It is atimes considert tae violate the rule o tincture, acause in Inglis an French heraldry, sable (black) is considert a colour, whauras elsewhaur it is aft considert a fur.

Significance o the helmet[eedit | eedit soorce]

Skanderbeg's helmet is made o white metal, adorned wi a strip dressed in gowd. On its tap ligs the heid o a horned gait made o bronze, forby dressed in gowd. The bottom pairt bears a copper strip adorned wi a monogram separatit bi rosettes * IN * PE * RA * TO * RE BT *, that means: Jhezus Nazarenus * Principi Emathie * Regi Albaniae * Terrori Osmanorum * Regi Epirotarum * Benedictat Te (Jesus Nazarene Blesses Thee [Skanderbeg], Prince o Mat, King o Albanie, Terror o the Ottomans, Keeng o Epirus). It is thocht that the copper strip wi the monogram is the wirk o the descendants o Skanderbeg an wis placed thare bi thaim, as Skanderbeg niver haud ony ither teetle but “Lord o Albanie” (Dominus Albaniae) Thus the inscriptions on the helmet mey refer tae the unsettled name bi whilk Albanie wis kent at the time, as a wey tae identifee Skanderbeg's leadership ower aw Albanians athort regional denominative identifications. Contemporar soorces shaw that 14t century Albanians war invariably identifiee'd as a tribal fowk, wi nae state o thair awn. Thus, dependin on whaur thay bided - North or Sooth, in the plains or in the muntains, an tae whilk ceevilization thay subscreived tae - we hae Turkish Arnaut, Greek Arbanas, Albanian Arber, Arben, Arberesh, Epirotas.[1]

Accordin tae a report bi historian Shefqet Pllana, Sami Frasheri in his Kamus-al-Alam maintains that the wirdin "Dhu lKarnejn" (awner o the twa horns) wis a appellative attributit tae Alexander the Great o Macedon, the vera name that Skanderbeg bore in the Islamic form. This seicont explanation mey be the truer, syne the theory o the Macedonian-Albanian an Epirot-Albanian continuance is strang no anerlie amang Albanians but amang aw the fowk o Europe. This opinion grees wi the wirk o Marin Barleti wha writes: “Whan the fowk saw aw thae young an brave men aroond Skanderbeg, than it wis no haurd tae believe that the airmies o [Sultan] Murat war sae defeatit bi the Albanians. Indeed, the times whan the starn o Macedon shone[wrang wird or uiss o Scots] brilliantly haed returned, juist as thay seemed in thae lang forgotten times o Pyrrhus an Alexander."

The helmet o Skanderbeg.

Historical coats o airms[eedit | eedit soorce]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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