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800s BC–146 BC
Kinrick o Macedon efter Philip's II daith.
Kinrick o Macedon efter Philip's II daith.
CaipitalAigai til aboot 400 BC when moved bi Archelaus tae Pella
Common leidsAuncient Macedonian, later Attic/Koine Greek
Auncient Greek releegion
• 808 - 778 BC
• 359 - 336 BC
Philip II o Macedon
• 336 - 323 BC
Alexander the Great
• 221 - 179 BC
Philip V o Macedon
Historical eraClassical Antiquity
• Karanus establishes the Argead dynasty
800s BC
• Amyntas III unifies Macedon
382 BC
• Conquered bi the Roman Republic in the Fowerth Macedon War
146 BC
CurrencyGreek drachma
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Greek Dark Ages
Attalid Dynasty
Seleucid Empire
Ptolemaic Kinrick
Macedon (Roman province)

Macedonie or Macedon (frae Greek: Μακεδονία, Makedonía) wis an auncient Greek kinrick. The kinrick, centered in the northeastren pairt o the Greek peninsula,[1] wis bordered bi Epirus tae the wast, Paeonie tae the north, the region o Thrace tae the east an Thessaly tae the sooth. The rise o Macedon, frae a smaa kinrick at the periphery o Classical Greek affairs, tae ane which came tae dominate the entire Hellenic warld, occurred unner the reign o Philip II. For a brief period, efter the conquests o Alexander the Great, it acame the maist pouerful state in the warld, controllin a territory that included the umwhile Persie empire, stretchin as far as the Indus River; at that time it inauguratit the Hellenistic period o Auncient Greek ceevilization.

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