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800s BC–146 BC



Kinrick o Macedon efter Philip's II daith.
Caipital Aigai til aboot 400 BC when moved bi Archelaus tae Pella
Leids Auncient Macedonian, later Attic/Koine Greek
Releegion Auncient Greek releegion
Government Monarchy
 -  808 - 778 BC Karanus
 -  359 - 336 BC Philip II o Macedon
 -  336 - 323 BC Alexander the Great
 -  221 - 179 BC Philip V o Macedon
Historical era Classical Antiquity
 -  Karanus establishes the Argead dynasty 800s BC
 -  Amyntas III unifies Macedon 382 BC
 -  Conquered bi the Roman Republic in the Fowerth Macedon War 146 BC
Siller Greek drachma

Macedonie or Macedon (frae Greek: Μακεδονία, Makedonía) wis an auncient Greek kinrick. The kinrick, centered in the northeastren pairt o the Greek peninsula,[1] wis bordered bi Epirus tae the wast, Paeonie tae the north, the region o Thrace tae the east an Thessaly tae the sooth. The rise o Macedon, frae a smaa kinrick at the periphery o Classical Greek affairs, tae ane which came tae dominate the entire Hellenic warld, occurred unner the reign o Philip II. For a brief period, efter the conquests o Alexander the Great, it acame the maist pouerful state in the warld, controllin a territory that included the umwhile Persie empire, stretchin as far as the Indus River; at that time it inauguratit the Hellenistic period o Auncient Greek ceevilization.

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