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The naitional banner o Albanie (Albanian: Flamuri i Shqipërisë) is a red banner wi a silhouette black twa-heidit eagle in the centre. It is the ae red an black banner o a recognised sovereign state. It is claimed tae be derived frae the similar seal o Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, a 15t century Albanian who led the revolt against the Ottoman Empire that resultit in brief independence for some regions o Albanie frae 1443 to 1478. The current banner wis offeecially adoptit on 7 Aprile 1992, but previous Albanian states such as the Kinrick o Albanie an the post-war communist state haed uised muckle the same banner, wi the former sportin the "Helmet o Skanderbeg" abuin the eagle an the latter a red star wi a yellow rim.

The National Assembly of Vlora which proclaimed Albanian independence on 28 November 1912 approved the flag as a symbol of the Albanian nation.

The horizontal open-winged eagle seembolises the lack o submission o the hieland Albanians tae foreign conquest. The communist regime addit a yellow five-pointit star tae the banner, which wis removed bi the first Albanian pluralist parliament in 1992 efter the communist collapse.

Albanie's civil ensign an naval ensign, baith maritime banners are different frae the naitional banner. The civil ensign consists o three horizontal baunds o red, black, an red. The naval ensign is similar tae the naitional banner, except that the eagle is on a white field, an the lower portion o the banner haes a red stripe.

The presidential banner o the Republic o Kosova an proposals regardin the banner o Kosovo, which is ethnically lairgely Albanian are an aa based on the banner o Albanie.

The eagle o the banner o Albanie is depictit on the reverse o the Albanian 5 lekë coin, issued in 1995 an 2000.[1]

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