Banner o Kosovo

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The banner o the Republic o Kosovo wis adoptit bi the Assembly o Kosovo immediately follaein the declaration o unthirldom o the Republic o Kosovo frae Serbie The banner is the result o an internaitional design competeetion, organized bi the Unitit Naitions-backed Kosovo Unity Team, which attractit amaist ane thoosan entries. The nou-uised design is a variant o ane proposal designed bi Muhamer Ibrahimi. It shows sax white stars in an arc abuin a golden cairt o Kosovo on a blue field. Thay seembolise Kosovo's sax major ethnic groups.

Afore the declaration o unthirldom, Kosovo wis unner the admeenistration o the Unitit Naitions an uised the UN banner for offeecial purposes. Baith the Serbien an Albanien ethnic populations uised thair awn banners syne the Socialist Yugoslavie period. The Serbs uise a reid, blue an white tricolour, which forms the basis o the current banner o Serbie. The Albanian population uised the banner o Albanie syne the 1960s as thair naitionality banner. Baith banners can still be seen an uised inside independent Kosovo.