Banner o Serbie

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20pxRatio: 2:3

The banner o Serbie is a tricolour wi Pan-Slavic colours, wi three equal horizontal fields, reid on the tap, blue in the middle an white on the bottom. The same tricolour, in some variations, wis the banner o Serbie throughoot its history, an is the ethnic banner o the Serbian fowk. The state banner bears the lesser Coat o airms o Serbie, centered vertically an locatit left o centre bi ane-seivent o the banner's lenth.[1]

The current form o the banner wis offeecially adoptit on August 16, 2004 in form o recommendation issued bi the Parliament o Serbie.[2] Bi adoption o the new Constitution o Serbie on November 8, 2006, its usage became constitutionally sanctioned.[3]

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