Pyrrhus o Epirus

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Pyrrhus o Epirus
Keeng o Epirus
(first time)
Ring 306 – 302 BC
Predecessor Alcetas II
Successor Neoptolemus II
Keeng o Epirus
(seicont time)
Ring 297 – 272 BC
Predecessor Neoptolemus II
Successor Alexander II
Keeng o Macedon wi Lysimachus
(first time)
Reing 288 – 285 BC
Predecessor Demetrius I Poliorcetes
Successor Antigonus II Gonatas
Keeng o Macedon (seicont time)
Ring 274 – 272 BC
Predecessor Antigonus II Gonatas
Successor Antigonus II Gonatas
Born 319/318 BC
Dee'd 272 BC (aged 47/46)
Argos, Peloponnese, Greece
Hoose Aeacidae
Faither Aeacides o Epirus
Mither Phthia

Pyrrhus or Pyrrhos (Auncient Greek: Πύρρος, Pyrrhos; 319/318–272 BC) wis a Greek general an statesman o the Hellenistic era.[1][2][3][4] He wis keeng o the Greek tribe o Molossians,[3][5] o the ryal Aeacid hoose (frae c. 297 BC),[6] an later he acame keeng o Epirus (r. 306–302, 297–272 BC) an Macedon (r. 288–284, 273–272 BC). He wis ane o the strangest opponents o early Roum. Some o his battles, tho successful, cost him hivy losses, frae which the term Pyrrhic victory wis coined. He is the subject o ane o Plutarch's Parallel Lives (Greek: Βίοι Παράλληλοι).

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