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The Slovenian coat o airms consists o a red bordered blue shield on which there is a stylised white munt Triglav. Unner Triglav there are twa bendin lines that represent the sea an rivers, an abuin Triglav there are three golden, sax-pointit starns, formin a triangle. The starns are taken frae the coat o airms o the coonts o Celje[1].

Coat o airms o Kinrick o Yugoslavie

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kinrick o Yugoslavie: Till the dissolution o Austrick-Hungary, Slovene lands did no hae a coat o airms representin the whole naition, instead it haed a different coat o airms for ivery land.

When the State o Slovenes, Croats an Serbs merged wi Kinrick of Serbie, Slovenie got the first real coat o airms, which actually wis a hivily modified ane frae the Serbian Kinrick.

The umwhile coat o airms o the Socialist Republic o Slovenie

The coat o airms presents the Serbian shield wi white cross on the left, the Croatian shield on the richt an unner baith there is a blue shield presentin Slovenes.

Socialist Republic o Slovenie:

Coat o airms o Socialist Federative Republic o Yugoslavie

The sea an the munt Triglav motive appeared in the coat o airms of the Socialist Republic o Slovenie, ane o sax constituent republics o the Socialist Federal Republic o Yugoslavie. The umwhile coat o airms wis roondit bi wheat with linden leaves an featured a red starn at the top. There wis an aa the ither coat o airms which presentit Yugoslavie as a whole. The new coat o airms wis then designed bi Marko Pogačnik.[2]

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