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Saunt Marinus

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Saunt Marinus
Dee'd366 (tradeetional)
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk
Major shrineBasilica o Saunt Marinus
FeastSeptember 3
Attributesdepictit as a beardit layman wi a stanemason's
hammer; depictit as a young deacon wi a hammer;
depictit servin as a deacon tae
Saunt Leo the Great or Gaudentius o Rimini;
twa oxen near him.
PatronageSan Marino

Saunt Marinus wis the foonder o the warld's auldest survivin republic, San Marino, in 301. Tradeetion holds that he wis a stonemason bi tred who came frae the island o Rab on the ither side o the Adriatic Sea (modren Croatie), fleein persecution for his Christian beliefs in the Diocletianic Persecution. He became a Deacon, an wis ordained bi St. Gaudentius, Bishop o Rimini, till he wis accuised bi an insane woman o bein her estranged husband, when he fled tae Monte Titano tae live as a hermit.[1] Thare he biggit a chapel an monastery. Marinus wis canonised an later, the State o San Marino grew up frae the centre creatit bi the monastery.[1] His memorial day is 3 September, commemoratin the day o the year when he foondit San Marino, which is an aa San Marino's naitional holiday.

Accordin tae legend, he dee'd in the Winter o 366 an his last words wur: "Relinquo vos liberos ab utroque homine." ("I leave ye free frae baith men"). This somewha mysterious phrase is maist likely tae refer tae the twa "men" frae whose oppressive pouer Saunt Marinus haed decidit tae separate himsel, becomin a hermit on Moont Titano: respectively the Emperor an the Pape. This affirmation o freedom (first an foremaist fiscal franchise) frae baith the State an the Kirk, houever legendary, haes always been the inspiration o the tiny republic.[2]

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