Dalmatian leid

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Native taeCroatie, Montenegro
RegionAdriatic coast
Extinct10 Juin 1898,
when Tuone Udaina wis killed
Leid codes
ISO 639-3dlm

Dalmatian (or Dalmatic) is an extinct Romance leid umwhile spoken in the Dalmatie region o Croatie, an as far sooth as Kotor in Montenegro. The name refers tae a pre-Roman tribe o the Illyrian linguistic group, Dalmatae. The Ragusan dialect o Dalmatian wis the offeecial leid o the Republic o Ragusa – although the majority o its inhabitants spoke Croatian or Italian.

Dalmatian speakers lived in the coastal touns: Zadar, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik, an Kotor (Jadera, Tragur, Spalatro, Raugia an Cattaro), each o these ceeties haein a local dialect, an on the islands o Krk, Cres an Rab (Vikla, Crepsa an Arba).

Some enthusiasts today are attemptin tae revive the Dalmatian leid, uisin the Vegliot dialect.[1]

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