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Coordinates: 54°58′47″N 3°59′03″W / 54.97972°N 3.98417°W / 54.97972; -3.98417

Crossmickle Main Street.

Crossmickle (Scots Gaelic: Crois Mhìcheil) is a smaw veelage on the east side o Loch Ken in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire, in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. Crossmickle is aboot 4 mile north o Castle Douglas. Crossmickle is the name an aw o the ceevil pairish.

Crossmickle wis first recordit in 1164 whan Gallowa wis a sequestrate laund.

Crossmickle his a public hoose, a shap, a marina, and a kirk wi a kenspeckle steeple.

The A713 road rins throu Crossmickle. The veelage is on the 520 bus route.

Tounheid o Greenlaw is ae mile til the sooth. The site o Greenlaw (National Grid Reference (NGR): NX 74800 64500) is said tae be a Roman haly-muild, and occupees risin grund.

A Roman fort aince existit til the sooth near Glenlochar barrage at Aibey Yaird.

Saxteen ither forts, motts, stane circles, an cairns aw lie within 3 mile o Crossmickle.

The kirk

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Crossmickle Kirk an kirkyaird

The veelage name comes fae the Cross o St Michel, the patron saint o the oreeginal kirk.

The Pairish o Crossmickle is recordit as faur back as the 12t century. A biggin was believed tae be praisent afore 1547 as the earliest lair-stane beirs that date. The praisent kirk biggin dates fae 1751, bit includes the kenspeckle roond tour o an earlier date. Some evident suggests that the roond tour wis biggit aroond 1611 bi Sir Robert Gordon o Greenlaw, Crossmickle Pairish. The date on the bell (1611) in the roond tour seems tae confirm this. In 1852 the kirk wis remodelt bi the airchitect John Starforth.[1] The kirk ben conteens the Laird's Lofts o the local faimilys fae Danevale Pairk, Culgruff, an Mollance Hoose.

The kirkyaird his Covenanters graffs datin fae The Killin Times o the 1680s, a fine decoratit Gordon moniment [1757], a table stane wi an acrostic epitaph tae Rev Andrew Dick, an three war graffs.


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  • Culgruff Hoose, a Baronial style big hoose biggit 1889, designt bi airchitecht Charles William Stephens that later wis the airchitecht o Harrods depairtment store in Lunnon. The hoose wis biggit in reid saundstane, wi twa storeys wi spars an a heich square tour. Abuin the entry door is the wirds "God's Providence is Mine Inheritance" and the date o 1889. Buggen bi Robert Stewart o Southwick that mairit Georgina Eleanor Maxwell, dochter o Sir William Maxwell, 3d baronet o Cardoness. Fae 1947 tae 2015 the hoose wis in uiss as a hottle. The biggin is leetit as Categorie B.[1]
Danevale Pairk, the Stables
  • Danevale Pairk Estate wis a late Georgian kintra hoose biggit 1795 an altert in 1883 bi airchitect David Robertson. It wis demolisht in the 1950s an a new hoose wis biggit on the site.[2]
  • Mollance Hoose, biggit mid tae late 19t century lairge kintra hoose, likely incorporatin an earlier hoose biggit 1736. It was malafoustert bi fire aroond 1928, ainly pairts o the shell o it remeen.[3] Archived 2020-03-21 at the Wayback Machine
  • Greenlaw Hoose, datin fae 1740. Biggit bi the Gordons o Kenmure Castle. It wis malfoustert bi fire in the 1980s and rebiggit in the 2000s.[4] Archived 2020-03-21 at the Wayback Machine
  • Hillowton, a smaw 19t-century kintra hoose.
Urr Valley Hotel (Ernespie House)
  • Ernespie Hoose, biggit 18t century wi 19t century addeetions, on the site o an earlier hoose. Wis uised for a lang time as a hottle. [5]

Namely fowk

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Leetit biggins in Crossmickle

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  • Gerranton
  • Auchendolly House And Steadings
  • Crossmichael Church Gordon Memorial
  • Culgruff House Hotel
  • Clarebrand, Burnbrae Including Ancillary Building And Boundary Wall
  • Claycroft
  • Crossmichael Parish Church And Churchyard (Church Of Scotland)
  • Urr Valley Hotel (Formerly Ernespie House) Ancillary Structures Comprising Dovecot, Water Tower, Walled Garden And Garden Terraces
  • Glenlochar Bridge
  • Greenlaw House
  • Blackpark Farmhouse
  • Danevale Park Stables
  • Glenlochar, And Gatepiers


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