The Loch Ken Pike

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The Loch Ken Ged

John Murray wus gamekeeper tae Lord Kenmure at Kenmure Castle and is remembert fur having caught, in 1774 in Loch Ken below the castle, the lairgest ged oan record, the heid o whilk restit oan his shouder, wi the tail trailin oan the grun. Its weicht wus seventy-twae poonds, and it measurt aboot seven feet in length.

A ged or gedd, kennt in Inglis as a pike

The skeleton of the heid wus fur mony years preservt oan display in the Billiard Room at Kenmure Castle whaur it wus studiet and measurt bi Charles Tate Regan, ichthyologist, o the Natural History Museum in Lunnon.

The castle wi Loch Ken in the backgrund.

Murray died in 1777 an is buriet at Kells Churchyaird; on his heidstone are carvt in relief a gun, fishing-rod, dug and pigeon. [1] [2]

The inscription reads,

"Ah! John, what changes since I saw thee last

Thy fishing and thy shooting days are past;

Bagpipes and hautboys thou canst sound no more,

Thy nods, grimaces, winks, and pranks, are o’er;

Thy harmless, queerish, incoherent talk,

Thy wild vivacity and trudging walk

Will soon be quite forgot; thy joys on earth,

Thy snuff and glass, riddles, and noisy mirth

Are vanished all — yet blessed I hope thou art,

For in thy station thou hast played thy part."

Murray's heidstane in Kells Kirkyaird.

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