New Gallowa

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New Gallowa

New Gallowa
New Galloway is located in Scotland
New Galloway
New Galloway
Location within Scotland
OS grid referenceNX635775
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictDG7
Diallin code01644
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
55°04′23″N 4°08′20″W / 55.073°N 4.139°W / 55.073; -4.139Coordinates: 55°04′23″N 4°08′20″W / 55.073°N 4.139°W / 55.073; -4.139
Tolbooth, High Street
The Ken Brig, built 1822 by John Rennie.

New Gallowa is a toun in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire in Dumfries an Gallowa. It is locatit on the wast side o the glen o the Watter o Ken, ae mile north o the end o Loch Ken. Afore the local government reform o 1975, it wis the wee-est Ryal Burgh in Scotland.

The war scaitert sattlements in the aurie frae at least the 13t century (whan the nearby Kenmure Castle wis first biggit), bit the veelage wis formal foondit in the 17t century by the Viscount o Kenmore an grantit Ryal Burgh status in 1630 - this wis tae enable it tae serve as a mercat toun. Houiver, Kirkcoubrie, anely 19 mile til the sooth, wis lairger an drew mair tredders. New Gallowa sicweys grew verra slaw an is the wee-est Ryal Burgh in Scotland.

New Gallowa thir days is a landwart toun. It his a Toun Hoose, the CatStrand Arts and Visitors Centre, twa kirks, three hottles, and a gowf club. A popular vacances destination, staundin on the edge o the scenic Galloway Forest Park, it is on the Galloway Kite Trail, whaur gleds can be seen at aw times o the year. Ilk August, it hosts the Scottish Alternative Games in its wee pairk.

Kells Pairish Kirk o Scotland, biggit in 1822 til a design by local airchitect William McCandlish. The kirk is a T-plan kirk wi a square tour at the centre o the sooth waw. The kirkyaird his three "Adam an Eve" stanes o 1706-7, and the graff o Captain John Gordon's gemmie at Kenmure Castle, John Murray, that catcht the lairgest recordit pike in Loch Ken in 1774.

St Margaret's Espicopaulian Kirk wis biggit in 1904 by W H Harrison, the chancel addit in 1908 an the lykegait in 1912.[1] The harled waws is white an the ruif tiles is reid. The windaes is by Kempe, Clayton & Bell, an James Powel & Sons.

The Ken Brig, that links the toun wi the main road on the east side o the glen, wis biggit in 1822 by the Scots ingineer John Rennie, that biggit an aw the seicont London Bridge and Waterloo Bridge.

James Faed Jnr. (1856-1920), airtist an son o James Faed, bade an deed at his hame The Bungalow. He is buirit in Kells Kirkyaird. [2]

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