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Satterness Lichthouse an Solway Firth
Southerness is located in Dumfries and Galloway
Location within Dumfries an Gallowa
Population170 (2001 Census)
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounDumfries
Postcode destrictDG2
Diallin code01387
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
54°52′28″N 3°35′54″W / 54.874560°N 3.598438°W / 54.874560; -3.598438Coordinates: 54°52′28″N 3°35′54″W / 54.874560°N 3.598438°W / 54.874560; -3.598438

Satterness (English: Southerness (/sʌðə'nɛs/) is a smaw compact veelage in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. Satterness is locatit aboot 2 mile sooth o the A710 road atween Caulkerbush and Kirkbean. The toun nouadays is maistly a tourist veelage an haes for mony years haed a lairge nummer o static caravans, some preevat an mony let tae haliday-makkers. The local bus services tae an fae Dawbeattie an Dumfries is mair frequent durin the simmer saison.

The anely laundmerk is the Satterness Lichthoose that wis built in 1749 an is ane o the auldest lichthooses in Scotland. The lichthoose staunds aboot 56 fit heich an wis decommissiont in the 1930s.

Ane o the twa gowfcoorses wis redesignt in 1947 bi coorse manager Mackenzie Ross.

The veelage til the north haes the magneeficent sicht o the Marilyn hill the Criffel (1870 fit), an til the sooth the saundy bay Gillfoot (note: this is quicksaund). On clear days the views streetch across the Solway Firth til the fells o the Lake Destrict in England.

Tourist faceeiltys[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 18-hole gowf coorse
  • JJ's fish-an-chip shap
  • Paul Jones Hottle
  • Mermaid Baur
  • The Venue
  • The minimercat
  • Evenin enterteenment durin the heich-saison
  • Twa ParkDean caravan-pairks

Caravan-pairks[eedit | eedit soorce]

LightHouse Leisure[eedit | eedit soorce]

LightHouse Leisure is a faimily-rin pairk wi aboot 200 caravans. It haes an aw the Mermaid Baur on site whaur bingo is offert maist evenins durin the saison, an a soumin-puil wi a tannin buith. LightHouse Leisure is aboot a twa-meenit walk awa fae the strand an lichthoose o Satterness.

Satterness Haliday Pairk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Satterness Haliday Pairk is awnt bi Parkdean Resorts. The're a new multi-purpose soumin-puil, built in 2011, wi fluims, a toddler-puil, an a 82 fit soumin-puil. The site haes an aw a naitur trail.

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